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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I310 Final Project Submission: Objectivity/Subjectivity Storyboard

Sources that inspired the work I've created:

Bode, B.H. "Realism and Objectivity"Journal of Philosophy, Inc.
4, number 10 (May 9, 1907): 259-263.

            Bode, B.H.. "The Problem of Objectivity" Journal of Philosophy, Inc.
5, No 6 (Mar 12, 1908): 150-157.

Marks, Alexandra. “New Media Alliances Test Press Objectivity”, The Christian Science
Monitor 88 no 152 (July 2, 1997): 4p

Artistic Statement Summary: 
 This set of storyboard images and text was constructed on belief that mere images may not be enough to illustrate potential differences between objectivity and subjectivity, being the abstract concepts that they are. I wanted to give examples of black, white and gray areas on what people could consider as objective or subjective, based on cultural understandings I've gathered from courses within the Sociology discipline, thus for me, both images and text were what I felt would do the job best. Furthermore, I would add, the centerpiece of the image is not as much the example comparisons of objectivity/subjectivity within the image as it would be the portion that challenges users to understand for themselves their perceptions of objectivity and subjectivity. They are concepts in the eye of the beholder, thus the reason I felt this creation will be a boon to the understanding of such eyes. 

NOTE: You may need to zoom in to see the content of the image in detail.


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