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"We become what we behold. We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us." - Marshall McLuhan

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Distorted Parking

Distorted Parking from Charles Williams on Vimeo.

First I took three minutes and 37 seconds of video waking through the IUSB parking lot.  I attached the camera to my chest so that the camera would see the exact path I took walking to my own vehicle.  

Then I layered 26 pieces of the original video and used multiple filters, transitions, and effects with the idea of creating something busy and face-paced.  Once I was done editing those layers my video still was too recognizable to me.  So I took one two minute and eight second clip of the entire video and layered it on top all the others.  I then used some color filters, bending filters, etc., and used a hard blend to fuse it with the multiple layers I had before.

I left out audio because I focused all my time on the video, but also because the video turned out to be VERY busy and for me it kept my visual senses extremely focused, and I think any audio or sound effects would have been too much for all my senses.

I used a lot of green and red hues to alter the color, along with yellow to make it stand out more.  Green is my favorite color, so giving a little bit of my own trademark with color that worked throughout the project was one of my goals.  This made my effects stand out and made my creation more bold. I wanted to make sure that every layer transitioned well together, so I probably used at least 22 different transitions to make it work.  I didn't want my video to be repetitive. so I added as many combinations of effects as I could.  As other people have mentioned, if you add to many filters or effects together, you end up with black or white scenes, so it took me a long time to find multiple combinations that would work well together.

I think that the one large layer that overlapped the entire project brought it all together and made it flow.  It added color themes that were alike throughout the entire project, but all the layers underneath changed it up enough that it didn't make it look like one effect theme. There is enough exposed that you can still tell what I originally took video of (cars, etc.,), but has been distorted enough that you really have to wonder what was going on.  I think the filter added a lot of focal points and like I said before, it kept your visual senses entertained.  

I don't believe this project really represents a metaphor, but it could represent the high pace and busy life I have each week of going back and forth between classes, and trying to get things done in time by due dates.  This video took a lot of hours of playing with filters and finding things that worked, along with multiple hours to render it and export it for submission.  I did have the idea of making this video include a lot of elements for that "fast paced" look, but there was nothing "fast" about making it.  I am still currently waiting for it to be exported as I write this.

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