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"We become what we behold. We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us." - Marshall McLuhan

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Filter Project from Fie Werley on Vimeo.

For this project I used footage of my cat Edward. I liked this footage because it offered movement as well as stillness, was really closely focused on his face, and didn't have a lot going on in the background. I had played with the effects a few times before but was looking forward to going more in-depth within premiere. Before adding extra onto the footage I had I took it and segmented it into lots of smaller clips ranging from a few seconds to roughly 15-17 seconds in length. I moved them all of order and worked with the effects more so in some clips than others. I thought this would add some good visual contrast and show how filters can both change the image without entirely distorting in and in other instances completely distort the image beyond recognition.

I made my video without audio because I wanted to focus more on the images and I felt that audio would distract an audience from viewing the effects fully. I layered a lot of effects on top of one another using at least two per clip and sometimes four. It was really interesting to watch images change and distort to the point of being unsure what clip was underneath all the effects. Watching the effects work together was another interesting facet of this assignment. You can accomplish so many things when you layer effects and have the chance to really play with them. I did find that there is a lot of trial and error involved with using effects because some work better in combination than others. This would have been a great project to do on a larger scale although it would take a great deal of time.

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