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"We become what we behold. We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us." - Marshall McLuhan

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Filter Effects

Effects from Ryan Maure on Vimeo.

My video is a few roughly 20 second clips played over and over. The video itself is of a huge coy pond with a bunch of fish swimming around. I picked this video because of the different colors present and the movement of the video and fish in the video. I tried to add enough effects to each clip to totally distort the view of the fish, but decided against it in a few spots because I felt it wasn’t needed.

I started off on the first video with the mirror effect and then added some dust and scratches to it to add a grainy, dirty feel. This added some green streaks to it, which added some contrast to the darkness. I also played with the lighting on this one. The next video got blur, transform, twirl, and 3D added to it for a constant movement. I have it constantly spinning and twirling to give movement. The third has noise, solarize, and replicate added to it. The solarize and noise give off a weird grey blue tint, while the replicate has it getting smaller and farther away, then bigger and closer. The next one has four color gradient changing throughout while there is also the wave warp changing size, shape, angle, and width and height. The fifth one has offset and spherize. The sphere is moving around while the offset is moving the video in and out of the scene while it leaves traces of itself. The next piece has turbulent displace and mosaic with three way color corrector to dull the image some. The mosaic gets bigger and smaller throughout while the turbulence makes it rippley. The next one uses arithmetic and blur. The arithmetic changes the values of the colors in different ways and the blur goes in and out. The final one uses arithmetic again with twirl and wave warp. The wave warp has the video moving while twirl moves in it.

I believe that each filter adds something to the clips. It may be distortion or color or movement, but each adds something visually. Each filter adds a positive effect to the video clips. The content added to this from the filters is color, or distortion, or noise, each a tiny piece of a puzzle that when together you get to see the whole picture of what is hiding in the video. I suppose that would be my metaphor too. Each effect is a puzzle piece.

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